Combination Marketing Resume Template

By The Diversity Employment Team - Published on: Feb 10, 2024

Jordan Ellis

Seattle, WA | (123) 456-7891 |


Seeking to unfurl a tapestry of innovative marketing strategies and compelling content creation in a dynamic position where multifaceted digital marketing skills will be harnessed for brand amplification and business growth.


  • Digital Marketing: Exceptional proficiency in deploying diverse digital marketing tactics to escalate brand presence, engagement, and loyalty.
  • SEO & SEM: Mastery in leveraging SEO & SEM strategies to propel content visibility, driving organic traffic and optimizing advertising ROI.
  • Content Creation: Creativity and expertise in curating content that resonates with target audiences, cultivating interest and facilitating brand connections.
  • Branding: Deeply familiar with developing and nurturing brand identities through strategic branding initiatives that enhance market positioning and competitiveness.


  • Digital Marketing Specialist – ABC Marketing (2019-Present)
    • Championed comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, leveraging multi-platform strategies to boost brand visibility and engagement.
    • Collaborated with cross-disciplinary teams to innovate and optimize marketing strategies, ensuring alignment with industry trends and audience expectations.
  • SEO Analyst – XYZ Media (2017-2019)
    • Specialized in enhancing website visibility and performance through SEO best practices, steering a trajectory of improved search rankings and online prominence.
    • Conducted in-depth analysis of SEO outcomes, fine-tuning approaches for maximized effectiveness and alignment with evolving search engine algorithms.


  • Digital Marketing Institute’s Professional Diploma: A reflection of enhanced proficiency and updated insights into prevailing digital marketing trends and tools.
  • Google Analytics Certification: Equipped with critical analytical tools for dissecting, interpreting, and strategizing based on web traffic and engagement data.


  • Bachelor of Marketing – University of Seattle (2015-2017)
    • Cultivated a solid foundation in marketing principles, enriched by explorations into contemporary marketing trends, tools, and strategies, preparing for a vibrant career in the marketing sphere.